Analytics for Profitable Content Websites​

Gain insight into which of your content performs best on your site.

Title Console is a web-based platform that shows reports with data from multiple sources. We pull data from your websites sitemap and combine it with your Google Analytics data.

Screenshot of Title Console web app

We combine data from Google Analytics, website source code and the sitemap.


Content monitoring

Track all new content added to your websites, and se statistics of published website content.

Post & page analytics

Page views and content age for each post and and page, that anyone can read.

Multiple websites

Track content and analytics for multiple websites from one dashboard. Connect each website with Google Analytics.

With the right analytics insights you can create more content that drives traffic

Title Console connects to your website sitemap and Google Analytics


Who is Title Console for?

Bloggers and website owners practicing SEO to drive traffic to their website, and wants to analyze the traffic.

How is it possible to create better content with data from Title Console?

By knowing what type of content drives traffic today you are able to create more similar content.

What does Title Console actually do?

The tool connects to your website’s sitemap and fetches data like URL, post published date, and combines it with pageviews data from your Google Analytics Account. Then you can see valuable analytics data you didn’t have before. 

Are all websites compatible with Title Console?

No, your website needs to have a public sitemap available, in a format our tool is able to read. Sitemaps generated by WordPress plugins like Yoast works great.

We currently do not support GA4 connections.

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At first, I just built an automated reporting system for my own websites. So I could make decisions based on fresh data for each of my sites and be more precise when it comes to creating content that gets traffic. Read more

🇸🇪 Filip, founder of Title Console