6 Tips When Crafting a New Blog Post Title

In the world of websites and search engines, the title of the blog post is the first impression for the reader. If you have not worked on making the first impression better, people will not like your content even when you have good information in the blog post.

Why craft a good title

There are many reasons you should craft an extraordinary title for your blog post. A good title will attract users to click on your website while they are searching on Google. It will let the reader know what to expect in the article. Crafting a good title is crucial for making the right starting connection with the reader.

Things to keep in mind for the title

When you are writing a title for your new blog post, you should consider certain things. We have compiled a list of six aspects to keep in mind while writing the title of your viral blog post. You will find all the details here.

Write to the point

The Internet has become so large that people can find a specific topic on everything. The days of writing for multiple main keywords and ranking on top of Google have gone. When you are writing a title and you have to use an adjoining word like and, it is better to write two blog posts. Your title should be specific to the information given in the blog post. Most of the readers are looking for in-depth information about the topic. Your title should inform the readers that you have detailed information.

Create attraction

It is better to write a title that is attractive to the reader. When you feel that content has all the information about the topic, you can add that it is a comprehensive guide. Writing the current year in the title will also increase the chances of people clicking the blog post. Most of the people are looking for free-content so you can write that you’re providing something for free your in the title.

Avoid repetition

In the past, people wrote multiples keywords hoping that the website will rank on the top for one of the keywords. Google has given new updates that discourage this practice. If You stuff keywords in the title, you will not be able to rank on the first page of Google. It will also confuse the readers as you are not writing specifically about a topic.

Do not use the prefix

According to the latest Google guidelines, the words at the starting of the title have more importance than the words that come later. You may need to rank for your company name so you write the company name at the start of the title of the blog post. It is not a sound way of ranking for your company name. You should write good quality content for your readers. Even if you want to add the company name, add it at the end of the title. Your article will rank for the content. Ranking for the company will become a bonus. Ranking for the company name is much easier than ranking for a specific keyword that has competition in these search engines.

Write a short title

If you have crafted a title for the blog post that has more than 60 characters, it will become useless in Google. Google will chop your title from the end because there is a limit for the number of pixels allowed in the title. Before, search engines were using characters to judge the length of the title. Now, Google has updated its system according to the number of pixels. Some words have more pixels as compared to others. You can find more information here at Ahrefs blog.

Capitalize the title properly

Capitalizing all the words in a title is the worst way of presentation. No one likes this kind of title. Some will even not read because it will not feel natural. You should know the right way of capitalizing the title for your blog post. You can use the website tool at “https://capitalizemytitle.com” to capitalize on your title perfectly.

Extra tips

Everything we have explained till now is great for the experienced bloggers. If you are starting a new blog, you may find it hard to rank on the first page of Google. We have compiled some extra tips for you. It will become easy for you to rank on Google’s first page.

Write for readers not search engine

A person who is new to blogging read some articles online on the topic of Search Engine Optimization and finds some information on keyword optimization. He makes the mistake of writing the title of the blog post to rank on the search engines rather than attracting the readers. If you write a title that has many keywords in it, you may expect that it will rank for all the keywords. In reality, Google will mark your post as spam. It will not rank anywhere near the first page of Google.

Keyword should be part of the title

We always discourage excessive use of keywords in the title of the blog post. We recommend that you use the main keyword one time in the title. You have to become innovative now. It is better to write an amazing title that readers will love and have the main keyword. It seems easy but it can take a lot of time to craft this kind of title for your blog post. Having the main keyword in the title will increase your chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

Give hint about the uniqueness

When you are writing a title, it is not enough to write something specific. You have to let the readers know that you have something unique in your blog post. If everyone is giving 5 tips to do something, you should write that you are giving 10 or 20 tips about the same topic in the title.


Writing a good blog post title is crucial for the success of the blog. You should write an attractive title that focuses on specificity and uniqueness. It is good to write short titles that do not have a company name as the prefix. Avoiding repetition should be your priority in crafting the best blog post title.

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