Blog Frequency: 1-5 Posts per Week for Businesses

After setting up your blog, the biggest question is: How many times a week should I post a blog? A lot of tutorial blogs out there have contrasting recommendations. Some recommend once a week, while others recommend publishing daily. While these claims are founded on their experience, your blog posts’ frequency should depend on your blog.

To guide you in determining the right number of blogs per week, here’s a quick and detailed guideline of how many times you should post in your blog.


The first thing you should consider is your goals for your blog. This is the biggest factor as your goals will determine the tasks you need to accomplish.

Organic Traffic

The first question is, are you writing as a hobby or as a source of income? For people who are only doing this as a hobby, you can set a goal for one to two blogs a week. Sure, you want to have a sizeable income through your blog, but if you are only doing it as a hobby, it is not worth stressing over deadlines.

On the other hand, for people who use their blog as their main source of income, you should post more content, as much as 4 times a week. This can result in a good amount of organic traffic that can help your blog become a good income source.

But the money generated from the blog itself is not the only way to have. If you have a product, then you should focus on brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

While a high brand awareness will not necessarily mean that your company will have a huge income, it is a great tool to increase your chances of getting more customers.

The key difference between organic traffic and brand awareness is the quality and diversity of your content. For people whose goal is to increase their brand awareness, you should put out blogs that have diversifying content to appeal to a bigger demographic.


Now that you know your goals, you should be aware of your schedule. Having a big goal and no time to accomplish have disastrous results. So, make sure that you adjust your schedule depending on your goal.

The quality of your content matters a lot to the success of your blog. If you push yourself to write daily, but the posts you share are not of high quality, you will not achieve your goal.

To ensure high-quality research, you need to have the following steps:

1. Research topic

2. Write a draft

3. Get someone to critique your draft

4. Edit the draft

5. Optimize for SEO

6. Post the blog

Some people are comfortable doing all of these in a span of two days, while other people might take a week to get things done. It all depends on how busy you are and how much time you’ve allotted to your blog.


Since you are writing a blog to share your words with an audience, you must also consider their thoughts about your blog. You do not necessarily need to ask them one by one. Instead, look at your blog’s traffic and study it to see what your audience thinks of your blog.

Experimenting on your blog can also give you an insight into how your audience responds to your blog. In a month, you can create different numbers of posts each week and see what appeals most to your audiences. Your results should rely on your goals.

For example, for blogs that want to have higher organic traffic, you can check your weekly insights to see if you are succeeding. On the other hand, for blogs with higher brand awareness in mind, you can calculate the successful number of conversions to determine if your experiment is doing great.

For blogs with email lists, you should make sure you are not spamming your audiences with a daily email. Instead, you can focus on a smaller number of blogs per week, such as two to three times a week. You can also try to experiment, as different audiences have different thoughts on this.


If you have many writers in your team, it won’t hurt to put out content more frequently. The only important factor you should consider is to avoid over-saturation your blog for search engines. Posting four to five times a week should be the sweet spot for bigger blogs.

On the other hand, if you have a small blog and only have a few writers, it is important to make sure that your writers are not suffering from burn out.

Writing a lot of articles in a single week can cause your writers to be tired of working. If someone is suffering from work burnout, the quality of your articles will start to go down.

You should find a sweet spot where your blog has frequent articles, but your writers are still enjoying their work.

Number of Blog Posts

The general rule is this: the greater number of posts your blog has, the less you need to post. For newer blogs, you need to have a lot of content in your blog as fast as possible to rank higher in SEO results.

For people with a high number of blog posts, you can focus on creating high-quality articles instead. This will allow you to get a higher ranking on search engines such as Google.

Generally, you should post at least 5 times a day if you do not have a lot of content yet. But if you do, you can succeed even with one high-quality article per week.

Important Tip

If you have time-sensitive content, you do not have to worry about your posting schedule and make sure that your content is out immediately to maximize the results. Time-sensitive content will make your website rank higher for a short period of time, as long as the content is still relevant.

Final Thoughts

With the tips provided above, you can determine how often you should post in your blog. The factors mentioned can have a considerable impact on how successful your blog should be, so make sure you have thought about how often you should post.

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