Blog Title Hit List – Stay Organized When Blogging

Whenever you start a blog, you want your blog to have maximum traffic. To get maximum traffic, you need to stick to a perfect writing routine. If you are writing regularly, your blog will reach the top of Google for many keywords. There is a way that you can use to keep a perfect writing routine. Everything gets easy when you make a hit list. People consider that it is something related to Mafia. In terms of the blog title, it is different.

What is a hit list

A hit list for your blog is simply some kind of document or tool where you write down your ideas of the upcoming blog posts you may create in the future. A hit list also helps you quickly see what topics you already covered on your website, if you have a large blog or website with multiple editors and writers there’s a good idea to share this hit list between the team members. It can give you a lot of benefits to be productive and organized when producing content.

You can create a list using different software or on paper. 

How to create a hit list

If you want to create it for the blog titles, you can do it by keeping five aspects in your mind. When you make a blog, it is just like making roads in a town. It is not right to make big roads at the start. It is better to start by making small dirt roads. Making a list of small hits and big hits is crucial.

Brainstorming ideas

It is the core working area for the creation of the list. When you are in your creative zone, you can sit and write down all the ideas in your mind regarding your blog titles. You can write down all the things coming to your mind. You can also keep them in your mind if you have a good memory. Once you have made your mind for a perfect blog post, you can add the details to your list. The next step is brainstorming about the blog title.

Brainstorming titles

The title is the most crucial part of the blog post. After you have finalized your ideas, you can write a blog title for each one of them. Writing a blog title is not simple. It should have many qualities. The title must be short and informative. You should give the right title that represents the information in the article. The blog title should also be catchy. You want people to click on that title. Having an attractive title will help you get more traffic.

Adding to hit list

Writing an idea or a title is not going to give you all the benefits. You want to design a perfect routine for article writing. It is crucial to add them to your list. You should not come up with only one title. When you are brainstorming, you can write hundreds of titles and shortlist the best ones at the end of the brainstorming session. Once you have shortlisted them, it is good to add them to your list without any delay.

Keeping record

If you have made a perfect list but you lost the record, it can waste all your efforts. There are many tools that you can use to keep a record of the list. People use physical papers, offline tools, and online tools to keep a record.


You want to have a list that never ends. Whenever you go to the top of the list, you will find a title. You can do it with ease if you keep expanding it faster than consuming it. It is better to keep a day of the week for making the hit list. It will allow you to expand the list faster than it gets exhausted. You can work on your writing skills if you have a lot of ideas and post titles pending on your list.

Tools to manage hit list

You can use many tools to manage it. You can either choose an online option or an offline option. You will be able to reach your document wherever you have the internet. It is also good to keep an offline copy with you. In this way, you can reach your document even when you do not have the internet. The list of the most common ways to manage it is explained here.

Title Console

Our own tool, built to manage blog post titles from idea to published. A mobile-friendly interface so you can add ideas when you are on the run. Title Console also has some cool features and statistic insights when you connect your blog to the system.

Google Docs

When we say Google Docs, we mean all the features included in Google Suite. You can choose simple notepad or online data sheets to manage your list. Google docs have many advantages. You can install the Google docs app on your mobile. It will allow you to access the data when you are offline or online.

Mobile notepads

Multiple mobile applications have been introduced to make notes on the mobile. EverNote and other mobile applications are popular. You can download the application from the Play Store or Apple Store. Once you make notes, you can synchronize these notes with the cloud. These synchronized notes can be accessed when you are online. You can also access these from the mobile phone when you are offline. Even if you change the mobile, the notes can be accessed using your login details. Everything is saved in the online system with encryption.

Writing pads

Some people do not like the advanced ways of managing data. When you are brainstorming, it is also not suitable to write all the data in the final sheet. It is better to keep a writing pad with you. You can write all the ideas and titles and transfer them to the sophisticated software later. Some writers keep a notepad with them always. It will help them write if any new idea comes to their mind.

Excel sheets, Word and OneNote

If you prefer Microsoft before Google Docs, both are totally capable of all the necessary things you need to keep a hit list for your blog.

Why it’s better to have a hit list

As most of us are not using the hit list method, we will not understand the benefits. We will give you some ways this method can be beneficial for your blog and writing routine. Most of the blog owners want to help readers. If you know how to help the reader, you can reach more people. It will increase your facility to sell your products and services.

Avoid writer’s block

As a writer, you must have reached a point in your life when you are completely stuck and unsure about the topic to write. It is called writer’s block. Having this list will save you from writer’s block. You can brainstorm when you feel that you are most creative. All the ideas and blog titles from that brainstorming session can be used for a long time. By expanding your list regularly, you will never run out of Ideas.

Remain organized

When you are your boss, it is hard to remain motivated. When you are not motivated, it is not easy to remain organized. When you have a list and a proper writing routine, you can plan and hit one or more titles daily. Writing an article daily can increase your reach to the customers.

Easy to stick to the schedule

Having a blog title list means that you have a list of titles that you want to write about. When you have all the titles on the list, it will become easy to write. You will only have to do one step. According to research, it is proven that it is difficult to stick to a routine if you have multiple steps to follow.

Categorize articles

When you are making your list, you can easily categorize the titles. If you are targeting both low competition and high competition keywords, you can categorize the title according to that. You can make an extra column in your excel sheet and write down the level of difficulty of the keyword. The title of the article can be written in front of it. You can also categorize the article according to urgency. Some articles that are based on the news have to be finished early.

Know what you have done

If you are using a content management system, it is easy to know which articles are already written. When you start writing your articles, you will have to go on the website and search for the titles. You might come up with an idea and later find that you have already covered it. It can be frustrating for websites that produce many articles per day. It is better to make an excel sheet of the hit list. You can mark the things that are done. When you want to add titles, you can search on the same sheet if you have covered the article or not.

Title Console has a feature where similar titles show up when you are creating a new title, both to avoid duplicate titles and to find internal linking opportunities.

Income School has a podcast episode if you like to learn more.


A hit list is a list of the titles that you want to include on your blog as the blog posts. There are many ways to create and manage this list. When we look at the benefits, we conclude that having a hit list is essential for every blog post writer. When you stick to a routine using this list, your blog will grow steadily. You will reach the point of profitability soon.

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