Exciting Fun Facts and Statistics on Blogging

Whether starting your blog or maintaining your business blog, knowing the nitty-gritty of the blogging industry will keep you ahead of the rest. Keeping in mind the critical blogging statistics and facts will help you curate content that will bring in more traffic. However, the internet is full of information, and you might not find the fun facts you are looking for.

That is why this list is here to give you first-hand information on intriguing facts and statistics about blogging.

Fun Blogging Facts

1. The very first blog was initiated in 1994

Many do not still understand what the blog looked like, but it is believed, what we know as a blog today was first created in 1994. Justin Hall created the blog, and it is popularly known as “Justin’s Links from the Underground.” Currently, it is a personal journal for the Swarthmore College student.

2. ‘Blog’ was used in 1999 for the first time

Initially, the term blog appeared in weblog as used by Jorn Barger in 1997. In 1999, Peter Merholz switched the word weblog to blog as a shortened format.

3. There are over 600 million blogs today

Well, no one is certain about the exact number of blogs on the internet, but several credible sources have given the number to be around 600 million.

4. About 70-80% of the internet users read blogs

According to reliable sources, people using the internet currently are around 4.54 billion in the world. Take around 75%, and you will have close to 3.4 billion out of 4.54 billion who read blogs.

5. James Bond fancies WordPress

Among the most influential people and brands, including James Bond, use WordPress. Such influential people may also include Beyonce, Sony Music, and The New Yorker. If such people see WordPress as a good helper for their business, then it is also suitable for yours.

6. WordPress drives 36% of the internet

WordPress takes up a massive chunk of the internet, meaning many people trust the company a lot.

Exciting Statistics on Blogs

· WordPress users publish over 70 million posts every month. It technically means there is a lot of information on the internet, so you should give only useful information to the audience.

· Around 409 million people go through 20 billion pages every month. Readership is always there; you just have to give the right and valuable information.

· By 2019, the content marketing industry was said to contain $300 billion.

· Tumblr has around 441.4 million blogs

· Most companies that have blogs for their websites usually get 97% more links. Blogging is a favorable and cheap way to attract more customers.

· Blogging gives businesses two times more email customers than the businesses that do not blog. That will translate to more sales for your firm.

· Your blog traffic is boosted by 30% upon writing 21-54 blog posts. More traffic means more leads and probably more sales.

· Content marketing brings in three times the leads brought by paid search advertising. Content marketing is still cheaper than paid search marketing and brings in more leads.

· Blog posts are among the most shared pieces on the online platform. That means with a blog, your content is likely to get to more and more people as it will be shared widely if it contains helpful information.



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