How Much Traffic to Monetize Blog?

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Generating blog traffic alone won’t make money for you. You will need to monetize your blog if you want to take advantage of those numbers. But how much traffic to monetize blog? 

The honest answer to that question is — there’s no generic amount of traffic needed before monetizing your blog. Depending on your monetization model, you can do it from day one or wait until you have built a reasonable audience. 

Let’s elaborate further. 

Monetization Models and Traffic

When it comes to monetizing a blog, there are several ways to go about it. However, we will focus on the most popular methods to give you an idea. 

We will touch on:

· Ad networks

· Affiliate marketing 

· Direct selling of your product or services

· Article sponsorship 

· Promoting subscription/ membership content

Ad Networks — How Much Traffic to Monetize Your Blog 

With this model, you partner with ad network companies like Google AdSense and Adthrive. These networks match advertisers with your content and display ads based on the visitor demographics, interests, browsing patterns, etc. 

Google AdSense doesn’t have a minimum traffic requirement to be accepted like Adthrive (100k+ unique visitors per month). But it makes sense to work on increasing blog traffic first before monetizing with Google Ads. That’s because you need a decent amount of traffic to see significant gains.

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Ideally, you want to think of monetizing your blog when you have hit hundreds of unique visitors per day. But expect to reap benefits when you get to tens of thousands of visitors. 

Affiliate Marketing — How Much Traffic to Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate marketing involves creating content and sneaking in service or product links. Typically, you’ll be creating content around the affiliate products. Anyone who comes across your blog post is likely to click the links and purchase the products you’re promoting. 

So, in this case, monetize your blog from day one. You don’t need a lot of web visitors to earn a commission through affiliate marketing. Even one sale counts. 

Having many eyes on the content indeed increases your chances of making more sales. However, you can still make a decent income with the small amount of traffic you’re generating, especially if you’re promoting high-end products. 

Direct Selling of Products or Services — How Much Traffic to Monetize Blog

Like affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t wait to see a lot of traffic on Google Analytics to plunge into monetization. You want to expose your products or services to anyone who reads your targeted content as soon as possible. 

Article Sponsorship — How Much Traffic to Monetize Your Blog

With this monetization model, you partner with companies and talk about or promote their products in your articles, blog posts, or reviews. Sounds like affiliate marketing? Well, it’s not. 

In article sponsorship, you usually get paid for each piece of writing that features their product or services. For example, you agree with the company to pay you $1000 per article upfront. So, the amount of conversions doesn’t affect your earnings. 

Companies only partner with established bloggers that have demonstrated significant and steady traffic that aligns with their brand. Therefore, you must develop a strong readership first to make money with this method. 

Subscription/Membership Content — How Much Traffic to Monetize Your Blog

When it comes to subscription or membership content, people are willing to spend their money on a popular and trusted blog. If you have specialized in selling your eBooks, courses, or newsletters, it’s best to establish your blog as an authority brand and develop a substantial readership. 

Don’t rush. It can take several months or a couple of years to get there, but it works best. 

The Takeaway

You can monetize your blog right away if you are selling your own or affiliate products or services. But don’t expect to earn a lot because your blog will be receiving little traffic. 

And, of course, you don’t want to focus on just driving sales with thin content. Strive to create meaningfully engaging and informative content that will keep attracting more readers to your bog and improve loyalty with time.

People make a living with Google AdSense, but it pays to have a website with high user interaction. You will need at least 50,000 page views a month to earn a decent income. 

Blogs dealing with subscription content and sponsorship posts also require good traffic. 


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