How to Organize Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger, you probably realize how important those “light-bulb moments are.” When you are in bed and a blog post idea magically comes to you, it’s a pretty cool moment. But then you fall asleep and you completely forget the idea you had in mind and no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember it.

Organizing your blog posts is the way around this issue and it also ensures that you come up with interesting and original content There are many different ways that you can organize your blog content and this article aims to cover a few of them.

The importance of organizing your blog posts ideas

When you have blog post ideas, it is basically like having those blog posts in progress already. You really need to keep those creative juices flowing so that you can stand out from the millions of other bloggers out there, and that means not letting a good idea pass you by. There is no point in letting a good blog post idea go to waste and that’s why it’s really important to organize these ideas for future use.

How to organize them

There are several ways that you can organize your ideas, and this depends on your preferences. Some people prefer old fashioned methods and that’s fine but you should keep in mind that there is lots of useful software out there for storing blog posts ideas. Even if you are doubting how these will work for you, some of them are well worth giving a try. Without further ado, here are some of the ways that you can organize your ideas in an easy way.

Pen and paper

As a blogger, having a notepad and pen on you at all times can be so helpful. Dedicate a notepad to your blogging ideas and whenever any come to you, just jot it down. The more ideas that you write down, the more that will come to you, and you can use those in your blog at the right time. When you are carrying around a notepad, subconsciously you will always be thinking of your creative side, and this will definitely help the ideas come more easily. Be extra organized by putting your papers into folders, labeled by each month so that you get a rough idea of when you want to create each of the blog posts.

Post-it notes

Neon colored post-it notes all over the place are pretty quirky and a remnant of studying, but it can also be a great way to organize your blogging ideas. Have a post-it note in every room of your house and if you suddenly get an idea, write it on a note and stick it somewhere that you will see it. At the end of the day or week when you are actually writing a blog post, you can gather all your notes together before you decide what to write about!

Digital notes or to-do lists

Some people do work best digitally, especially with all the cool apps that exist nowadays for organization purposes. A fairly non-complex method that you can use is to make lists/notes online when you get an idea. You could go this on your Google Drive, or just Notepad on your computer. If you prefer to use a phone for your in-progress ideas, there are a couple of apps that are worth checking out. TrelloMicrosoft To-Do and are amazing apps that could be really useful to you. Bear is a paid service but it is very reasonably priced and it has everything you could ever need as a blogger for organizing your content.

Project management tools

If you make money from blogging, or even if you don’t; you should see it as a project and that is why you might want to use project management tools to organize your ideas. Websites like and are used by professionals and amateurs alike who are trying to organize their tasks. Using a project management tool is a little more in-depth than just using post-it notes or a notepad, but it’s going to help you enormously through each step of blogging (not just the ideas!)

Using your blog post ideas

Now that you know some of the best ways to organize your blog posts ideas, it’s just a matter of using them. As stated previously, you could take your organization a step further by including possible dates for when you want to publish content. Whether you post on your blog several times a week or even more, a steady flow of ideas means a steady flow of content.


Creating content online is professional and you should treat it as such. If you have a system in place to manage your blog posts, you are much more likely to make a success of this venture – whatever that looks like for you.

There are so many different platforms out there for organizing content so do what works for you and let those ideas flow!

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