How Many Blog Posts Before Seeing Traffic From Search Engines

You should post a minimum of 30 blog posts before expect to see any traffic from search engines like Google to your blog. Your 30 first blog posts should be in a low competition area and contain high-quality content with correct information to satisfy your readers and get your first good rankings in the search engines.

As a blog publisher, you often mainly rely on organic search engine ranking to improve your website traffic. However, this takes time for you to build a reputable blog and consistent work to see ranking and, consequently, more traffic to your website. It makes new bloggers wonder how much time and work they have to put down before start seeing traffic into their website.

Well, it takes some time, persistence, and hard work to get those first organic visitors. However, if you are patient and put on the work, your blog posts will receive the ranking and traffic you’re waiting for. A higher-order means more clicks to your website, which ultimately translates to more revenue.

In this article, we’ll look into the real number of blog posts you’ll have to post before seeing traffic from search engines. Read on to find out more.

When you start your blog post, you will notice few to none clicks to your website. Moreover, the few clicks you’ll have to your site come from your effort to get your friends and family to support your work.

Although it is possible with hard work and patience to receive thousands of clicks to quite a new blog, search engines work a little bit differently if you have a strong social media presence. Here, it typically takes at least 30 blog posts to begin receiving traffic to your website. During this period of posting 30 blog posts, search engines will start to pick on your niche and the audience they should show your blog post to.

Let us dissect these 30 blog posts to see what happens between these blog posts to understand how search engine traffic works.

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0-10 Published Blog Posts

You are pretty new to blogging at this stage, and you have not built an audience base, and search engines cannot tell what your blog posts entail, or if the audience like your content. The traffic to your website is usually meager, and to be honest, demeaning. However, this stage is crucial in ensuring that search engines notice your work to classify it to a specific niche and show it to a particular audience.

It will help if you select a niche with few bloggers in it. Few bloggers in a specific place mean low competition, which ultimately translates to higher chances of better ranking on search engines. However, it is essential to choose a niche that people are interested in because the more people are interested in your place, the more traffic there will be to your blog.

Besides, you should also ensure that your blog posts are of high quality regardless of traffic or not. It would help if you used search engine optimization (SEO) tools to improve your blog posts’ quality. Your text’s quality should be high, and you should also use a picture to communicate your words more clearly. It would be best to use quality titles and relevant keywords to make your blog posts better.

10-30 Published Blog Posts

At this stage, you will notice that you are beginning to acquire some traffic to your blog via search engines. At least if your site is a few months old now. Typically, search engines such as Google are beginning to see the exact niche of your blog posts. Besides, they are beginning to identify who they should display your blog post search results too. However, traffic at this stage is still small, and it requires you to put more effort into your work to ensure that you receive a better ranking.

It would be best to maintain the SEO tools while still ensuring that your work is of high quality. Remember, the goal is to ensure that search engines rank you higher, and your readers love your work. Your content needs to speak for itself because the better the content’s quality, the high the traffic will receive by the time you make it to 30 blog posts. You should write captivating content and use high quality and relevant images to drive the point home.

You can also use the guest post to promote your content to other blogs audiences. It would help if you also use backlinks to another website to enable more clicks to your website. Using guest posts and backlinks means collaborating with another blogger who has more experience in the industry and has more traffic to your website. It may help promote your ranking and increase traffic too.

More Than 30 Published Blog Posts

At this stage, you have the experience you need to run a blog and the necessary tricks to ensure that your blog has massive traffic.

Search engines such as Google have now felt what your blog is all about, and you should have a base ranking. It is essential to ensure that your blog posts’ quality remains high and that you employ SEO tools and tactics to provide your audience with high-quality information.

At 30+ blog posts, there is a beginning to a lot of traffic to gain for your website as long as you maintain the work quality, and your niche has low competition. Ranking number 1-3 in a low competition topic is often better than ranking 11 in a high competition topic.

Your blog posts should as always, be useful to your readers, and they should help them solve a particular problem. If you have done a good competitive analysis and created good useful content, you will receive a good ranking on major search engines.

It means that now your blog has begun showing results and even revenue from the blog is substantial. However, do not settle for average, but continue posting high-quality and SEO optimized blog posts, and you’ll notice traffic growing substantially over time.

Finally, age is another crucial factor that affects your blog’s ranking on search engines. Age also plays an essential role in ensuring more traffic to your website. A blog that has been around for a more extended period is likely to receive a higher ranking on search engines than newer websites. Besides, it often has more traffic. The reason is that, over time, a blog continues to develop itself, and consequently, it gains more recognition and trust.

Trusted websites are likely to receive more traffic because people believe that their information is more reliable and factual. After all, people want more accurate and reliable information. Typically, older blogs have hundreds, if not thousands of blog posts. It means that they are well advanced and more rooted in a specific niche than new bloggers.

Tips: When you start to have a lot of ideas for your blog, you should have a good way of organizing blog post ideas.

Final Thoughts

As a newbie in the blogging industry, many people wonder how many blog posts it will take to gain substantial traffic from search engines. Well, the answer is 30+ blog posts, at which time search engines will have identified the exact niche you are in and what audience that should display your content to. It is crucial to remember that the blog posts’ quality is essential so that your audience will grow to trust you.

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